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Professional Rendering for Jewelry
TDM Solutions is pleased to announce a new product for professional rendering. Create renderings quickly and easily with professional results and any experience in rendering is required. High quality results in seconds! Play a video...

The process is really easy:
1. Choose from a wide variety of environments, which will allow you to place your models in real scenarios: like outdoor environments, photography studios, …

2. Select the ground plane, you can start from an extensive list of materials to create a realistic effect, with the possibility to add your own as well as 3D scenes.

3. Assign materials by dragging and droppring. More than 600 materials, metals, gems, wood, plastic, glass, …

4. Define the resolution, and click on Render.

See all the information and download it by clicking here...

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TDM Solutions SL

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Top-5 Reasons to Update

Hello all,

After receiving your emails (that we highly appreciated) about the benefits of updating to RhinoGold 4.0 we have decided to create a specific website listing the TOP-5 Reasons to Update your older version of RhinoGold or basic Rhino to RhinoGold 4.0!

There are many new features and improvements in RhinoGold 4 but these are the top 5!



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